PaesinaStone artistic products since 1970


In a small laboratory in Lodi, born sculptures and jewels made exclusively in Paesina Stone, their preciousness depends not only from intrinsic base beauty of the material, but much for manufacturing accuracy.
Stone variety concluded by our artisans characterizes for particularly warm tone, amber colours, that resemble tuscanian villages and hills, as precious figures of landscapes with "northern lights", an effect much appreciated by collectors and museums.

Only after many experience years it is possible to reach perfection and finishing grade as in our artifacts.

Also silver and bronze frames are mainly manufactured in Italy where it is possible to find laboratories whose products are the result of creativity and skills matured during our history, as Valenza, Florence, Arezzo and Milan.
During last years Paesart has remained the only producer maintaining this marvellous tradition.

PAESART (Laboratory): SP 107 n.13 – 26817 San Martino in Strada (Lo) - phone: +39 393 959 7932

Paesart - Paesina Stone
Paesart - Paesina Stone
Paesart - Paesina Stone